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3 Essential Brake Repairs & Maintenance Tips To Follow

3 Essential Brake Repairs & Maintenance Tips To Follow

When it comes to maintaining important car components as brakes, it is recommended that you get them fixed by a certified mechanic. The brake and steering system should be maintained properly for safe driving. It’s crucial to inspect each and every component in the brake system as it is a complex one. As autumn has begun, having a brake inspection by a reputed mechanic Sunshine North will go a long way in maintaining your car. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at the maintenance tips that help you drive safely on the road.

Check Brake Pads & Rotors

The brake pads and rotors are the two components that work between your braking system and your tires. These may wear out easier than other components and require frequent checkup & maintenance. The friction between the tires and the brake pads can cause heat and wears down the brake pad. Also, inspect the quality and depth of the brake pads to ensure there is resistance.

Inspect The Brake Fluid

Checking the brake fluid is vital as it signals the issues that lie in your car’s braking system. The brake fluid attracts moisture, which can cause damage to your braking system. Moisture in the brake fluid causes corrosion of the metal components and affects the brake efficiency. Make sure to change the brake fluid every 25,000 miles. A cloudy or milky quality indicates the fluid needs to be removed immediately.

Remove The Excess Air From Brake Line

Apart from flushing the brake fluid, bleed the brake line to free the excess air. When the excess air gets trapped inside the brake line, it might reduce the efficiency of the braking system. So, remove the air from the brake line by depressing the brake pedal while adjusting the bleeder valve, and this should be performed during a scheduled brake inspection service every 2-3 years.

Bottom Line

To ensure your brake system functions properly, or car service sunshine north across Sunshine North, ensure to call mechanics Sunshine from Fateh Mechanical Works on (03) 9364 2880.