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At Fateh Mechanical Services, offers repairs to your vehicle at the most competitive prices. Located in Truganina Melbourne Victoria, quality workshop car repairs and car service to all vehicles.

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Battery Repairs & Replacements Sunshine North

Battery Repairs & Replacements Sunshine North

Battery Repairs & Replacements Sunshine NorthA car’s battery is a heart for your vehicle. It provides energy to all the important components of your vehicle. Your vehicle ignition system, fuel delivery, engine, and headlights, and other elements that need charge will be consumed by the battery. As car mechanic, we have been providing surpassing battery replacements and repairs across the Sunshine North. We understand the importance of a battery, and that is why we offer reliable and affordable battery repair service. We also provide factory-standard batteries from popular manufacturers to ensure that your vehicle runs safe and efficient.


Signs of a Failing Battery

  • Your headlights blink
  • Engine will be in trouble
  • Car breakdown
  • Spark plugs get ignited
  • Clicking sound when you turn on

As the battery is an important element in your vehicle’s electrical system. If it fails, it will result in minor to major breakdowns leaving you stranded on the road. Normally, a good battery will last for three to six years. However, additional features like AC, audiovisual systems attached, and car decor lights will consume a lot of power leaving your battery weak and ineffective. Over time, it will show the above-mentioned signs, and that is when you need to do a prompt battery replacement. At Fateh Mechanical Works, our mechanics will inspect your battery failure, and provide you with an efficient repair.

Our Battery Replacing & Repair Service Includes

  • Checking the viability of the current battery
  • Inspecting the battery case
  • Checking the headlights
  • Diagnosing the engine system
  • Replacing the battery in case of a dead battery
  • Checking the battery power and efficiency

If you keep running on a dead battery, it will spoil your ride and end up in an accident. It causes friction in the steering and causes the tear and wear of the engine components, and that is when your vehicle goes through a breakdown.

For branded battery replacements and repairs, call us on (03) 9364 2880.