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Cooling System Sunshine North

Cooling System Sunshine North


Cooling Systems Sunshine NorthCooling System & Radiator Service

Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for maintaining the engine temperature. It ensures that the engine operates at its efficient level. If your vehicle system fails, it can cause serious trouble to your vehicle making the engine overheat. Our expert mechanics at Fateh Mechanical Works has the experience and expertise to check the damaged cooling system and provide you with the best service. It also needs maintenance once a year. Because it removes the excess heat from the engine and keeps your vehicle cool. Regular maintenance of your cooling system helps you to stay away from costly engine repairs.

 Two obvious signs signal you to check your cooling system.

  • Car overheats suddenly
  • Puddles of green liquid under your vehicle

 Over time, your cooling system may lose its active state and allows the water to enter into the engine system, which results in serious trouble. It corrodes the internal parts, in turn, failing the water pumps, radiators, hoses, thermostat, cooling fan, and more.

Our Cooling System Service Includes

  • Radiators hoses replacement
  • A complete inspection of cooling system components
  • Flushing the contaminants
  • Checking the pressure levels
  • Checking thermostat and other coolants
  • Cooling system pressure test

Having regular maintenance of the cooling system helps you avoid engine problems in the future. As your car is your investment, you should get it serviced at a regular interval. It will save your wallet from spending unnecessarily and helping you have a comfy journey. All our technicians are trained to inspect each part of your cooling system to arrive, whether it needs a replacement or repair. We use factory-standard components for replacements; we perform a cooling system service based on the manufacturer’s specified intervals, or when needed as inspected by our professionals.

If you are looking reliable cooling system repair service across Sunshine North, Call Fateh Mechanical Works on (03) 9364 2880.