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At Fateh Mechanical Services, offers repairs to your vehicle at the most competitive prices. Located in Truganina Melbourne Victoria, quality workshop car repairs and car service to all vehicles.

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Engine Service & Repairs Sunshine North

Engine Service & Repairs Sunshine North


Engine Service & Repairs Sunshine NorthYour vehicle’s engine functions more like a human heart. Just how a human heart nourishes the whole body with proper blood flow; the engine gives the essential power for your vehicle to operate properly and efficiently. Being the core element, it needs to be serviced properly at regular intervals. For your vehicle to run efficiently in the long run, you should get the engine service as per your manufacturer’s recommendation. A bad engine is bad for your car and a potential threat for you. You should get it fixed by a trained and certified mechanic as soon as you face any engine-related issues.


However, how do you know that your engine is in trouble?

Here are some red flag signals that you must pay attention to check your engine’s health.

  • Smoke coming out from the engine

  • Engine light turns on and unable to get turned off

  • Burnt odours

  • High-fuel consumption

  • Loss of engine power

  • Vehicle breakdown

If you are finding these symptoms often, it is safe to call a mechanic for diagnosis.

Only they can inspect and see if there are any issues or whether it needs any replacement. If you stay by keeping your engine’s health at a regular service period, your vehicle’s performance will be good and it will last longer. At Fateh Mechanical Works, our trained mechanics know the nitty-gritty of handling any type of car’s engine and provide long-term solutions.

Our Engine Service Includes

  • Complete inspect of the engine

  • Checking the faulty spark plugs

  • Setting the timing

  • Replacing the fuel filters

  • Cleaning the fuel injectors

  • Replacing the air filters

You can always expect quality service for your engine from Fateh Mechanical Works. Our expert mechanics are trained and experienced and will tell you what might be the issue by diagnosing your vehicle’s engine. We will provide accurate repairs and replacements to make your car run smoothly like never before.

If you are looking for a quality engine service, give a call to Fateh Mechanical Works on (03) 9364 2880.