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Signs Of A Bad Wheel Bearing & What You Must Do?

Signs Of A Bad Wheel Bearing & What You Must Do?

When it comes to car repairs sunshine north, you may have heard about brake & clutch repairs, wheel alignment, transmission systems and much more. However, you might not have heard about the importance of wheel bearing. Let’s tell you about that. Wheel bearings are of low maintenance but important for your tyre & wheel performance. They are also essential in the smooth operation of your vehicle . They are designed to provide efficient rotation for your vehicle wheels & when not maintained properly, things can go wrong. Here, we have listed some of the common failing signs of your wheel bearing. Let’s get started.

Loud Noise

If you hear loud noise while you accelerate, the culprit must be your wheel bearings.  You may misunderstand this as engine noise. However, if you notice, the noise must be from the wheel & tyre area of your vehicle.

Loose Steering

As they’re continuously under enormous pressure, they result in premature wear & tear. And, when they wear down, it becomes loose inside the wheel hub & spindle and leads to unsafe driving conditions.

Vehicle Pulling To Opposite Direction

When your wheel bearing is corroded or worn-out, your vehicle steering won’t be in control & when you drive, you feel that your vehicle is pulling in the opposite direction.

Broken Wheel Bearings

As wheel bearings get easily worn out, proper rotation of tyres may be in question and leads to uneven tyre wear. A broken wheel bearing leads to uneven tyre wear, meaning you have to change your tyres as soon as possible. Driving in poor road conditions may also harm your vehicle’s wheel bearings by pouring the grease, dirt, and debris into the wheel bearings causing them to wear away soon.

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