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At Fateh Mechanical Services, offers repairs to your vehicle at the most competitive prices. Located in Truganina Melbourne Victoria, quality workshop car repairs and car service to all vehicles.

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Suspension, Shocks & Struts Sunshine North

Suspension, Shocks & Struts Sunshine North

Suspension Repairs Sunshine NorthIs your vehicle bouncing you? Are you facing any imbalance in steering your vehicle? When these are in perfect condition, your vehicle won’t feel any bumps and you will reach the destination without any interruption. Then, it must be wrong with your vehicle’s suspension. You may need to replace your shocks and struts.


Symptoms of a failed shocks and struts

  • trouble in steering your vehicle
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Excessive bouncing when crossing a road bump
  • Harsh ride
  • Vehicle leans while taking turns
  • Severely damaged shocks and struts

Our Shocks & Struts Service

At Fateh Mechanical Works, we inspect your shocks, struts, and strings in your vehicle’s suspension system thoroughly to determine the exact issue. If it has any sign of wear or damage, we will replace it with a brand-new component for an excellent ride.

A worn-out shock or strut may be unsafe for you and your vehicle. Your vehicle’s suspension system is primarily responsible for managing and holding the road bumps, thereby offering you the comfort from road bumps. A worn-out shock or strut is unsafe in your vehicle, it devolve the vehicle performance, and causes swaying and bouncing.

It is safe to get it checked by our mechanic and replace it before it worsens your ride. By having regular inspection and maintenance with us can help you from costly repairs, and gives a stable and comfy journey. Our mechanics ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system ready for every turn that the road brings.

We offer shock and strut replacement services, which are designed specifically to restore your vehicle’s suspension performance with factory –standard components. We adhere to the manufacturer’s spec and install them at regular intervals.

Our Shock and Strut Service Includes

  • A complete inspection of the suspension and steering system by a certified mechanic
  • Replacing new shock and strut with factory specifications.

Looking for a shock and strut repair service? We are right here to help you. Call us on (03) 9364 2880.