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4 Essential Autumn Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

4 Essential Autumn Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Autumn is just a day away. As you enjoy the weather and the changing seasons’ colour, there’s something more important to consider. Yes, it is your car service. Changing seasons can take a toll on your car’s health and performance. It is why you must follow the upkeep to ensure your car is safe and sound.  Getting a car service in Sunshine  helps you avoid sudden breakdowns and costly repairs.  If you’re planning to get your car autumn-ready, here are the things you should consider.

Inspect The Brakes & Tyres

Autumn is all about leaves falling, causing debris & other hazards to show up on the road. To ensure you and your vehicle passengers’ are safe & to avoid collisions, keep your brakes and tyres in good condition.

Also, check your tyre pressure as it may impact & the tyre tread for any wear and tear.  If you have to replace your old tyres & install new tyres for safer rides.

Check The Lights

A functioning & good-conditioned headlights and brake lights are a must. Whether it’s headlights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights or emergency flashers, you must replace all the broken bulbs and ensure that they are clean from debris and grime. Dust & debris can reduce the lights’ brightness that can distract your vision while driving.

Check The Windshield Wiper Blade

As with the autumn season, lots of leaves and debris tend to fall on a car, your windshield wiper clears the windshield of any water or debris that can impair your vision while driving. Cracked or worn blades will not do the job & can lead to dangerously poor visibility while driving. Also, check the blade’s rubber to ensure it is flexible to operate the wipers & check whether the blades clear the glass.


When it comes to autumn car care, checking the engine fluid levels, refilling the coolant, brake & clutch checkups, checking all the fluid levels, and getting a car wash or car detailing service, can add value to your vehicle’s finish and help your car look smarter. They only have all these tune-ups make your vehicle perform well; but also improve its resale value in the long run.

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