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Electrical Services Sunshine NorthYour vehicle’s electrical system is responsible for the vehicle’s operations. A vehicle’s electrical system has a complex network of alternators, starters, and batteries. It needs to be regularly maintained despite the age, make, and model.

If you are often hearing a grinding sound when you drive or your car’s light starts to twinkle when you drive slow; it could be the battery that is drained out. Your vehicle’s battery should be changed between three to six years. Once your battery is drained, it will affect the other components of the system. If your vehicle is facing electrical repairs, our dedicated mechanics at Fateh Mechanical Works are ready to hear from you. As the experts in dealing with all sorts of electrical repairs, we have been providing quality car repairs and services for our customers in Sunshine North and its nearby surroundings.

Signs that indicate the need to service your electrical System

  • Grinding or clicking sound while driving

  • Poor illumination of headlights

  • Sudden breakdown

  • Burnt smell

If your vehicle has additional features like an AC, audio visual system or car decor lights; your battery is likely to get drained out soon. These features could consume a lot of power, and it will cause your battery to go weak sooner than you imagine.

Our Approach

At Fateh Mechanical Works, we will diagnose, determine, and employ advanced methods to reduce the cost of repairs. Our dedicated team of mechanics uses the top-of-the-line tools to diagnose the issue and determine the exact repair. Our factory-like tools help us to reduce the repair time, and you would get your repaired vehicle in a short time.

Our mechanics respect your valuable time and budget to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.We check your vehicle and recommend whether it needs any major repairs.

If you are looking for an electrical repair service near Sunshine North, call Fateh Mechanical Works on (03) 9364 2880.

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