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At Fateh Mechanical Services, offers repairs to your vehicle at the most competitive prices. Located in Truganina Melbourne Victoria, quality workshop car repairs and car service to all vehicles.

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Tune-Ups Service Sunshine North

Tune-Ups Service Sunshine North


Tune-Ups Service Sunshine NorthIf you are the vehicle owner, you should be aware of protecting your vehicle’s health. To maintain your vehicle’s health, regular engine-tune-ups help bring back the lost power and efficiency. Your vehicle’s engine uses a series of components that are central to the vehicle’s operation. Your engine should get air, fuel, and spark to complete the combustion cycle that helps the vehicle to move. If these components wear out, your engine won’t work. If your vehicle is giving a very poor performance, get them to Fateh Mechanical Works, we install factory-standard components as when needed. We have been providing high-quality car tune-up services across Sunshine North and its nearby suburbs.


How to Identify If Your Vehicle Needs A Tune-up Service?

  • There will be a decrease in gas mileage
  • Grinding or clicking sound from the engine
  • Sudden breakdowns
  • Low power
  • Delayed engine startup

If you notice any of these symptoms, it could be time for your car’s tune-up service. Our mechanics will check the worn out parts and replace it with a brand-new part. You will soon discover that your vehicle runs faster, your engine is smooth and efficient.

Our Car Tune-up Service Includes

  • Replacing cap and rotor
  • PCV Valve
  • Spark plugs and wires
  • Checking air, fuel, and spark flow
  • Fuel Filter Replacement

At Fateh Mechanical Works, we understand that every vehicle’s engine is different and has a set of needs. Our mechanics fix it by determining the vehicle’s history and its driving conditions. You may think why you need a tune-up service from a professional? Your vehicle should achieve maximum fuel efficiency and run smoothly for a longer-term without any breakdown or misfiring.

Moreover, a tune-up service from us will help you reach that point in your first service itself. Whenever you feel that your vehicle is giving your poor performance, get an auto tune-up service from Fateh Mechanical Works. Our mechanics are happy to assist you all the time. For details, call us on (03) 9364 2880.