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Signs Of A Bad Timing Belt Replacement – CheckOut!

Signs Of A Bad Timing Belt Replacement – CheckOut!

Your car’s timing belt is crucial for keeping your internal combustion running at its best. The timing belt’s job is to ensure all the internal moving parts of an engine are in sync. It ensures that engine intake and exhausts values open & close in time with pistons. When the engine components are out of sync, they might collide & cause costly repairs. Depending on the vehicle model, the repair may vary. However, your vehicle may alarm you when the timing belt is not in good condition. Check them out.

Ticking Noise From Engine

When the timing belt is in repair, you may start to hear ticking noise from the engine. A Timing belt is an internal component of the engine, which connects a lot of small parts & handles sending the fuel to the combustion chamber. When the small parts wear out, know that something is wrong with your timing belt.

Engine Fails To Start

If the timing belt is broken or irreplaceable, your engine will struggle to start over and will not be able to ignite or turn over instantly. So when you turn the key to start the vehicle, it will take time to restart or produce weird sounds & you will not be able to drive at all.

Oil Leaks

Engine oil leaks are another common sign that your timing belt is in bad condition. If you see an oil leak around the engine or the engine is overheating, it will lead to issues and put you under costly repairs.

Smoke From Exhaust System

When your exhaust system is throwing out smoke or a burnt smell, it might be an issue related to your timing belt. It can take a toll on your engine and cause your exhaust system to throw out more smoke than it should.

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