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When To Replace Your Car Batteries?

When To Replace Your Car Batteries?

Well, it may appear like a tricky question, but an important aspect to consider. Yes. The overall health of your vehicle depends on your car battery is essential to run smoothly without any problems.  However, it’s often the most ignored car essential like the car tyres. You must ensure that in every car service Sunshine North; make sure to have a battery check. Many car drivers fail to check their car battery until serious problems occur.  So, how do you when to replace your battery? With some warning signs, you can say that your car battery is on its last day and you need to replace it real quick.

Slow Engine

If your car engine takes time to restart or slow down, know that you need to check your car battery and replace it if need be. If you find yourself trying to turn on your car, it’s time to replace them with a new one.

Illuminated Battery Light

When the battery is in trouble, the battery light will be on. Though there are many reasons why a battery light is on, one of them might be a battery issue. If it’s poorly charged or overcharged, it will signal you with the light.

Battery Fluid Leak

If you see a bubbly liquid seeping through the vent or having a rotten egg smell coming from the sulphuric battery solution, it’s an alarm that you need to get rid of the battery from your car and replace them with a new one. When you work with a mechanic Sunshine North, they’ll detect the issue & flush the battery residue and install a new one. If your car battery is leaking, it’s no longer functional and having them is dangerous to your vehicle & additional extras like Car AC, radio & music systems.

If you’re experiencing these battery issues in your vehicle, it’s time for you to check & inspect the issue and resolve it with a battery repair or replacement.  Need car battery repairs & replacements across Sunshine North? Call Fateh Mechanical on (03) 9364 2880  today.