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Winter Wheel Care Tips From Expert Mechanics

Winter Wheel Care Tips From Expert Mechanics

Is winter being hard on your car wheels? It’s time to show some care to them. When it comes to winter care, you need to watch & take care of your car wheels. If you want to take extra care on your wheels and travel without any hassle on Melbourne roads, ensure to read our winter wheel care tips rounded together by expert mechanics Sunshine North. We have thrown in some expert winter wheel care tips to help you drive safely and happily.

Ensure Your Wheels Are Clean

Winter can be a lot of trouble for your wheels. Right from catching dust, mud, and snow, the wheels can get messier. So, cleaning them gets rid of all these and keeps your wheel in good condition. It also helps your car wheels to hold on to the road surface more efficiently. Also, when the wheels are clean, it may be easier to notice any tread depths, splits and bulges and fix them before they become a full-blown concern.For Cleaning cars our Expert in car service sunshine will there for you.

Inspect Tread Depth

A car wash can help you identify the tread depth. As it can help identify the faults when it is thoroughly clean. During winter, your car wheels need to have more grip on slippery roads, so keep your car tyres in good condition. Both wheels & tyres have to be good to face the wet and slippery roads. If your tyres are close to wear and tear, consider changing them before they start troubling you.

Check Your Vehicle Tyre Pressure

In cold weather, the air inside the tyres contract causing a pressure drop. That’s why you need to monitor the tyre pressure every fortnight and ensure they match the tyre pressure mentioned in the car manual.Check your vehicle with our car mechanic sunshine after a service.

Invest In Winter-Friendly Tyres

It may seem like spending some extra dollars on tyres. However, winter tyres are a great option to consider on slippery roads, saving you from skidding and unwanted road troubles. For example, if you live in a snowy area, you can invest in specially designed winter-ready tyres. They provide a better grip on slippery & wet surfaces.

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